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The Buckeyes New Season

Posted on: September 22, 2008 3:59 pm

43-0 Great Game pound on the little teams. That is what has happened in this game. Look Beanie is hurt but he will be back.

26-14 Wow thats how much Beanie means to this team. Plus Pryor didnt play much at all. Beckman didnt what he was supposed to do and the defense looked horrible.

3-35 WTF. I mean this was supposed to be the biggest game this season and it was a blowout? How could tressel sit beanie. Beanie should of got dressed and sneaked in the game. Their goes the season right their.

28-10 That is just all round bad. Our offense should be better then that and if Beanie doesnt get off his a** and play soon then he wont be a good draft pick at all. That defense should hold them even lower then ten.

Now look how that turned so fast. I cant belive we losted. But their is always hope all we have to do is win the rest of our games and the big ten. If we beat Wisconsin and Penn State(both are away) we can make a huge jump up from 13 to 2 in no time. But we need help by USC,Florida, Geroga, LSU, and a coulple more then we can be in the championship. But we need to win by big numbers in the rest of the games. Like 43 to 6 or 56 to 10 type wins even over Wisconsin and Penn state. Then and only then we will compete for another BCS National Championship.

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