Posted on: September 22, 2008 3:59 pm

The Buckeyes New Season

43-0 Great Game pound on the little teams. That is what has happened in this game. Look Beanie is hurt but he will be back.

26-14 Wow thats how much Beanie means to this team. Plus Pryor didnt play much at all. Beckman didnt what he was supposed to do and the defense looked horrible.

3-35 WTF. I mean this was supposed to be the biggest game this season and it was a blowout? How could tressel sit beanie. Beanie should of got dressed and sneaked in the game. Their goes the season right their.

28-10 That is just all round bad. Our offense should be better then that and if Beanie doesnt get off his a** and play soon then he wont be a good draft pick at all. That defense should hold them even lower then ten.

Now look how that turned so fast. I cant belive we losted. But their is always hope all we have to do is win the rest of our games and the big ten. If we beat Wisconsin and Penn State(both are away) we can make a huge jump up from 13 to 2 in no time. But we need help by USC,Florida, Geroga, LSU, and a coulple more then we can be in the championship. But we need to win by big numbers in the rest of the games. Like 43 to 6 or 56 to 10 type wins even over Wisconsin and Penn state. Then and only then we will compete for another BCS National Championship.

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Posted on: August 7, 2008 8:04 pm

The Few The Proud The Pirates Fans

Hey Its almost the last mouth of the Major League Baseball's 2008 season. Yeah I cant belive it ethier but everything comes to an end. Lots of suprises in this season. LIke the Mets gaining Santanna and then him not doing what he usaully does but I bet he will be great again like last year. Or the Twins, Marlins, and Rays being really great ballclubs. Plus the Yanks and Braves not being their dominant selfs.

And what about those trades the Yanks getting Nady (which this is his only great season sorry Yankees) Bay going to Boston, Santanna going to the Mets, and Teixeira going back to the AL with the best team in the league Angles. But aside all of this their is one team that noone cares for thats why we are the few. Not sure if any one else is proud but I stick around with my team. I aint no bang wagon like some of ya. The team I am talking about are the Pittsburgh Pirates. They traded away three  very powerful players with marte, nady, and bay. What sucks for the Yanks is that nady wont do much next year I would put money that he wont do what he did last year. And marte isnt doing well for them I think he has lost one game and had some no decisions. And look at who the pirates got. Jeff Karsteins who almost pitched a perfect game yesterday but ended with a two hitter. Brandon Moss looks like he could be the replacement for Jason Bay. Andy LaRouche is going to be the starter at third and shows some power and speed. Looks like noone is going to be a bandwagon for the pirates but we are getting better and noone can take my commint to the pirates and hey their is always next year.

Posted on: May 28, 2008 4:48 pm


I cant belive it the mll draft is today. I want to see who goes number one.  I know it will be matt denovski but you never know right? So you know I will be watching but will you? I think it is on ESPN U but it might be on ESPN 2 but I will find it. If anybody knows what time please tell me cause I couldnt find the time thanks. I hope some osu seniors get taken. Well just watch the draft and find out.
Posted on: May 26, 2008 4:28 pm
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Get a lacrosse link

I like lacrosse just as much as the next guy. But I dont think that guy would be very reliable. I am a huge Buckeye fan  and I got to watch them this year for the first time. I went  to the   spring game where over 29,000 people watch the ohio state lacrosse blow out denver 20-13 and I watched during the game how many people were amazed to see this sport. Even my mom told me that when she went to Ohio state their was a lacrosse team  and she didnt know about it. So I think more people are learning the game I think more people can know about it. If  CBS made a link for lacrosse they could have lots of things on one link. They could have NLL, MLL, and NCAAL. I think a lot of people would get on that link. Hey you could even have a fantasy of Lacrosse that would be really cool. You could have goals and saves and hits and much more for points.    I think that would be sweet I would sign up for all three of them. Even CBS you could get a writer for just lacrosse. He could give the best players coming in for the seasons for fantasy. You  think it over. But hey  all I wanted was a link look what comes out of one link. Please reply to me.
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